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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  May 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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penalty. >> families of the victims of the 9-11 attacks arrive in cuba as the admitted mastermind behind the day of terror is arraigned today. plus, no more skinny models, that is vogue magazine's new message to the world as they push a healthier body image. one model's thoughts about it. they are a bunch of fools. responsible for obama security and they let this happen. >> her story about what really happened the night she met u.s. secret service agents in a colombian hotel room and there is this. >> why a song lyric got a six-year-old with special needs suspended from school. it is saturday, may 5th, good morning, i'm randi kaye. we start with the court appearance that we will be watching. khalid sheik muhammad is being arraigned today, blamed for planning the attack that killed
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2996 people at the world trade center. a rare look at the man dubbed ksm after osama bin laden's death the most notorious terrorist alive in the world. our pentagon correspondent chris lawrence is in guantanamo bay, cuba. >> reporter: this is the first time many of us have laid ice on khalid sheik muhammad in years, some of the victims family whose traveled down here to guantanamo bay are apprehensive about what he may say or do in court. the man accused of masterminding the 9-11 attacks will have the stage again this weekend. the question is, what will khalid sheik muhammad do with the spot sfliet. >> i've had conversations with other people that think the circus will begin with the first appearance. so i think you have to tune in and find out what will happen. >> former judge advocate general felt the pentagon shake. one of his staffers was on the plane that hit the building.
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guted opposes trying the terrorists at guantanamo bay. >> a risk risky way. >> reporter: the military commission got cancelled. >> the rules and laws by military commissions were struck down by the supreme court so they had to start over and basically put together a new framework. >> reporter: in 2009, eric holder announced he was moving ksm to new york to be tried in federal court. >> those allegedly responsible for the attacks of september the 11th will finally face justice. >> reporter: the backlash, public and political was fierce. >> unnecessary risk to new york. >> reporter: holder reversed his decision, taking ksm back before a military commission and this weekend's arraignment. >> that's definitely a political
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question, definitely a question for whichever administration has guantanamo bay on their plate. >> reporter: the detainees communications with their attorneys was seized and read by the government. they will raise that objection with the convening authority and this trial may be delayed yet again. randi? chris lawrence, thank you very much for that report. president obama officially kicks off his reelection campaign with a rally in the critical swing state of ohio. the president and first lady, michelle obama, head to columbus in four hours from now, then on to virginia. they are getting a not-so-warm welcome from mitt romney from the clove lahief land plain dea asking where are the jobs. leon panetta has a message for troops heading off to afghanistan. don't misbehalf.
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he warned soldiers the enemy is watching and one misstep, one embarrassing photo can put lives and america's standing at risk. >> these incidents concern me and they have to concern you. and they do concern our service chiefs. because a few who lack judgment, lack professionalism, lack leadership, can hurt all of us. >> panetta's warn following a report detailing embarrass incidents including release of a video showing marines urinating on coarpses. here is video.
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>> a grand jury decided not to indict an officer after seeing the tape and others and hearing from 42 witnesses. it happened when police responded to a medical emergency alarm for 68-year-old kenneth chamberlane, they say he refused to let them in, stuck a butcher knife through the door. the family says police had no right to forcibly enter the home because he had not committed a crime. escort at the center of the secret service columbian prostitution scandal is spilling all. she told a radio station the agents involved were "idiots" and if she had been a pie or terrorist she could have gotten information compromising the president's security. >> translator: of course, at that moment if i had been a member of the one of the terrorist gangs, it's obvious i would been able to get everything. i put them in check mate. they are responsible for obama's security an they let this happen. i told them i would call the police so they would pay me the
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money. they didn't care even when being responsible for obama security i could have done 1000 other things. >> dania suarez her life is ruined. to days one of the biggest days in horse race, do you have the mint julep ready to go? the 138th running of the kentucky derby happens later today, reynolds wolf joins me now, hope the weather will be beautiful for the derby, good morning. >> depends how many mint juleps you imbibe. >> anything looks good. >> we have 60% chance of scattered showers and storms. could be interesting to say the least. possible strong wind gusts, knocking off those nice hats. we'll have that for you plus a look at the forecast with the super moon, we'll explain what it is and how to see it best in a few. thank you reynolds. a run down of stories we're
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working this morning. after a dramatic week of diplomatic negotiations on behalf of a blind chinese activist, u.s. and chinese officials agreed, he's headed to america. plus, we're focusing on north carolina's marriage amendment act and how it could affect peoples lives. not just about same sex marriage this time. voters head to the polls tuesday. a six-year-old gets suspended for sexual harassment, just for quoting a popular song. wait until you hear the lyrics that got this little one in trouble. finally, former police officer drew peterson makes his first courtroom appearance in nearly two years. remember this appearance is about the death of his third wife, not the disappearance of his still-missing wife number four. you're watching cnn "weekend early start." ok! who gets occasional constipation,
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>> the u.s. and china may have found a face-saving way out of a crisis that threatened to strained relations. the chinese government is saying blind activist chen guangcheng can apply for a visa to travel to the united states. chen remains at a beijing hospital after leaving the embassy in beijing where he sought refuge. we're joined now, good morning, what is the latest word on chen, has he had contact with u.s. officials yet? >> reporter: well, right now what we know he is at the hospital, he is here in china,
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even though he had hoped to be traveling to the united states quite quickly. this comes of course as u.s. state secretary hillary clinton does indeed depart china after a week of intense negotiations between the u.s. and china to find a way forward after this very hot diplomatic problem between the countries chen guangcheng hoped to at first stay in china for the longer term to continue to fight for his own cause, however he flipped on that decision and instead said that he wanted to go to the u.s., both sides have been trying to negotiate and yesterday, at the end of the strategic economic dialogue, hillary clinton said she was encouraged about the progress of the two sides were able to make in order to try to hash out some sort of resolution. it looks as though all the indications are that he will be able to go to the united states to study, randi?
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why would china be willing to let him go? >> reporter: well, the reason why china would be willing to let him go because they probably -- he has a lot of influence here, he would have more influence here if he stayed in china as a symbol of the human rights movement than he would if he were to leave, that is one of the reasons why a lot of people believe that the china is incentivized to let him leave the country. >> why his change of heart? he originally wanted to stay in china, but no longer. >> reporter: well, a lot of people have been saying that he had been very concerned about his own personal safety and also in fact we spoke to supporters who indeed have been under house arrest who have been detained, some of the supporters, regular citizens who want to show support for chen and visit him
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at the hospital, were detained or taken away by police. there is a lot of issues that they are worried about, a lot of people concerned about his personal safety still as he is sitting in the hospital. randi? >> thank you very much for the update. so if you're shacking up in north carolina, you may soon be breaking the law. we'll take you in focus on amendment 1, a bill that not only forbids gay marriage but dissolves unions between unmarried straight couples. to return your car. just note your mileage and zap ! you're outta there ! we'll e-mail your receipt in a flash, too. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. for a hot dog cart. my mother said, "well, maybe we ought to buy this hot dog cart and set it up someplace." so my parents went to bank of america. they met with the branch manager and they said, "look, we've got this little hot dog cart, and it's on a really good corner. let's see if we can buy the property."
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. this morning we're putting in focus a proposed amendment to the north carolina state constitution that could forever change the lives of thousands of people who are in love. it's called amendment one, on tuesday's ballot there. would make marriage between one man and woman the only recognized domestic legal union in the state. same sex marriage is illegal. north carolina is the only southern state not to have such an amendment in its constitution. critics say amendment one would invalidate civil unions and domestic partnerships even for straight couples. >> with this definition of marriage, then any other
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relationship that straight or gay couples have could be annulled. >> it's basically a statement that in north carolina marriage will remain defined as between a man and woman. >> the famous reverend billy graham spoke out in support of the amendment. he said watching the moral decline of our country causes me great concern, i believe the home and marriage is the foundation of our society and must be protected. but high profile supporters of same sex marriage are speaking out. chelsea clinton urged everyone to vote against it saying it's our duty to join the fight on both the gay and lesbian north carolinans who are with the target of the amendment and tens of thousands of straight male and female north carolinans who will be collateral damage if the amendment passes tuesday. >> there is this story of the pastor sean harris who was using hyperbole when he told the congregation to hit their sons
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if they behaved effiminately. >> dads, when you see the sons drop the limp wrist, you walk over and crack the wrist. give them a good punch, okay? you're not going to act like that. if i had to do it again would i say it differently, yeah? yes, i would. everyone in the congregation on that morning understood that there was no intent in any way, shape or form, that i meant to break a wrist. the bible makes no compromising for effeminate behavior. you are to act as a man if you were created a man. >> he apologized for offending the people and the sermon ended with a message of tolerance. polling shows more people are in favor of the amendment and it is likely to pass. coming up, we have big guests on the topic including a
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state law maker who championed the amendment up next hour. also, a reverend who opposes it and lesbian couple whose lives could be directly affected by it. plus this. 154 pounds for the defending world champion. >> it is fight night in vegas, as two titans battle for the super welterweight title, the odds on favorite in multi-million dollar stakes. the kentucky derby is today but the threat of severe storms could dampen the mood. to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today.
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when you hear cinco de mayo you think about margaritas. it goes back to this day in 1862, when the mexican army defeated the french rivals during the franco-mexican war. people in the u.s. and some in mexico remember it with parades, festivals and other celebrations. time to look at stories making headlines across the country. miguel cotto and floyd mayweather will fight for the world boxing association super welterweight crown. cotto is the defending champion. mayweather is favored to win. if he does, he takes home $32 million. what started out as a small spirit airlines protest in florida turned in a huge victory for 76-year-old nam vet, thousands of supporters pressured the airline to refund his $197 ticket to visit his daughter. shortly after buying the ticket, he learned that the cancer he
6:22 am
has been battling is terminal, did not want to risk flying and exposing himself to germs with a weakened immune system. four day trail ride turned in a nightmare for three people and four horses. they all fell in a ravine, one horse died, the humans were exhausted but uninjured. amazing. a huge day for sports, if the nba playoffs and the miguel cotto-floyd mayweather fight isn't enough, you guessed it, also the kentucky derby. a race has history dating back to 1875. reynolds, you're looking forward to the race, why is the run for the roses so special? >> variety of reasons. it has been going on since 1875, another aspect is the race itself is really a very short duration, only a few minutes, but the lead up to it pageantry, people go there to see but be seen, the start of three separate horse races that we call the triple crown. first the derby, then the
6:23 am
preakness then the belmont, all the races are different lengths and strategies have to be different for every race. has been quite a while since we had one horse win all three called the triple crown. weather may not cooperate today. in fact look at what we have right now. scattered showers, a few storms in the ohio valley. here is louisville, churchill downs not far, a lot of the rainfall. what we're hoping, randi, the rain will move out, a few of the thunderstorms will be driving and also the track should be muddy and we can't rule out more shower activity popping up in the afternoon. 60% chance but temperatures 82 degrees. >> so when that is all done and we've had our fill of sports for the day, there will be a special moon tone, isn't there? >> absolutely. throw a cape on it and s and call it super moon, that is what we refer to it as. every year the moon has one particular run close to the earth where it is oo closer than
6:24 am
the other 364 days of the year. tonight is going to be that night. the moon will appear from 14 to 16% larger. parts of the extreme northeast, great lakes, partly cloudy, atlanta, central plains, clear skies out west. 11:30 the time, to give you advice, if you catch a shot of the moon as it comes up over the horizon, will appear bigger because of the water vapor, a lot of the dust might give it a nice looking hue, march of 2011, a reddish hue over washington, d.c. the earlier the wetter. 11:30 should be the time. >> i've seen it coming up in florida and it is something. >> breath taking. >> i will be sleeping tonight. >> video? >> we'll do what we can. >> reynolds, thank you. defense secretary leon panetta has harsh words for the
6:25 am
troops. >> a few who lack judgment, lack professionalism, lack leadership, can hurt all of us. >> we'll tell you why some troops are getting a warning from their boss. plus, we're in ohio where president obama is officially kicking off his 2012 campaign for the white house. also tell you about an unusual pitchman the president is unleashing. new venus & olay. olay moisture bars help lock in moisture... while five blades get venus close. revealing smooth and goddess skin begins. only from venus & olay. revealing smooth and goddess skin begins. i'm one of six children that my mother raised by herself, and so college was a dream when i was a kid. i didn't know how i was gonna to do it, but i knew i was gonna get that opportunity one day, and that's what happened with university of phoenix. nothing can stop me now. i feel like the sky's the limit with what i can do and what i can accomplish. my name is naphtali bryant and i am a phoenix.
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they grow up, and they're out having their life. i really started to talk to them about the things that are important that they have to take ownership over. my name's colleen stiles, and my kids and i did our wills on legalzoom. [ shapiro ] we created legalzoom to help you take care of the ones you love. go to today and complete your will in minutes. at, we put the law on your side. >> just about 30 minutes past the hour. welcome back i'm randi kaye, so glad you're starting your day with us. grab your coffee and let me fill you in. the man who admits to master minding the september 11th attacks will be in court today. khalid sheikh mohammed is expected to be arraigned with four other operatives at guantanamo bay. several families have flown to watch the proceedings. he once told authorities he
6:29 am
planned the attacks "from a to z." a tough economy isn't hurting business for warren buffett, first quarter profits at brookshire hathaway doubled. they own more than 80 companies including dweico and burlington northern santa fe. sean bower and sarah shore are set to mary today. that is according to bauer's mother. they were engaged in captivity with a ring made from threads from a shirt. they were arrested near iran's border with iraq nearly three years ago. visionary, trail plarz, legend, some of the tribe buts pouring in for adam youauch,
6:30 am
founding member of the beastie boys has died from cancer. weighs 47. he was 47. president obama's 2012 reelection campaign officially kicks off today in the battle ground state of ohio. jessica yellin is in columbus. >> reporter: hey, randi, president obama won ohio by four points in wait but the latest polling shows statistical dead-heat in the state with romney ahead when it comes to the economy. so, mitt romney will be back in the state next week, and the president is making a big statement by officialsly launching campaign here. on the campus of ohio state university, pockets of enthusiasm for the president's first official campaign rally. >> are you excited? >> reporter: the excitement of 2008 is missing. >> do you want to sign up? >> no. >> reporter: the campaign is pouring resources in ohio to keep it competitive. the state director has been here since 2009.
6:31 am
his message, the auto bail out boosted the local economy. >> one out of every eight jobs in ohio is related to the auto industry. >> reporter: the campaign has 18 field offices, romney opens his first next week. democrats say they will try to use that local presence to win over undecided voters. >> 30 second ad, not a direct mail, voter to voter contact. that kind of validation between volunteer from that neighborhood gives us a huge advantage. >> reporter: then social media, 2012, a step up from the last campaign. ashley bryant, a cincinnati native, is the state's digital media director. >> showing the president to get the stance. >> reporter: she runs a blog, ipad app and twitter account with messages localized to ohio voters. >> anything that we do we are kfring all our platforms. posting it on the blog, website,
6:32 am
flicker, every where in between. >> reporter: at the rally, volunteers will check in attend's with an app. speakers can ask the audience to retreat campaign messages and a photo booth on-site. >> we're going to show photos on the big screen during the rally. >> reporter: on the jumbotron? >> exactly. >> reporter: sounds modern and new, is it enough? >> voters know the campaign has turned from hope and change to hype and blame. >> reporter: the president has loyal supporters. >> if barack obama can end the war in iraq, he will have a successful presidency. >> reporter: observers say it will be a dog fight. >> any lack of enthusiasm for obama will be matched by lack of enthusiasm for romney. >> reporter: so why columbus? political observers the region
6:33 am
to be the swing region of the swing state. so it gets a lot of attention from politicians. from here, randi, the president goes to richmond, virginia and give another rally at virginia commonwealth university, we'll be covering that one, too. randi? >> thank you very much, jessica. president obama has also unleashed a new pitchman for his 2012 campaign, it is bo, the white house family pet. that is why we said unleashed, get it? enter need ads have run in recent months urging voters to bark for barack by donating to the campaipaigcampaign. this next story got us talking this morning. >> i'm sexy and i know it. >> that six-year-old sang that in school and now suspended for sex haual harassment. i'll explain, next. [ male announcer ] this is lawn ranger -- eden prairie, minnesota.
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♪ it seems like this song is every where, have you heard the single "i'm sexy and know it" it's catchy, reynolds. a mother wished her son never came across it because he has been suspended from school for three days for singing those six little words to another girl in his class. they say he sexually harassed her. can you believe this? >> you ever have those moments of extreme clarity, how old i'm getting. we used to eat paste, this is first grade. now singing lmfao. >> i'm sexy and i know it.
6:37 am
>> our affiliate has more. ♪ i'm sexy and i know it . >> reporter: he has seen the video and he knows the words. when he told a girl in his class that line he was suspended for three days for sexual harassment. >> i'm floored. they are going to look at him like he is a pervert, that is not fair. >> this is something there. >> reporter: with a passion for art he was a special needs student in january. he had other discipline problems including quoting the same line to the same girl last month. when his mother met with the principal. >> i like the song. >> kind of overwhelmed, sexual harassment on a 6-year-old. >> reporter: no one from the school would talk to us on camera. the discipline code reads sexual harassment must have negative effect on the learning of
6:38 am
others. something a 6-year-old won't comprehend. >> purposely going out of your way to irritate and sexualize a relationship, i don't think so. i think this probably is a better way to taulk about appropriate or inaproet yacht. >> fondling, trying to look up her shirt is sexual harassment. >> you loved his shirt he was wearing for the interview. >> didn't do it. i need one of those. i have to agree he's 6 years old, when you're that age you're not thinking that way. >> he probably can't spell harassment let alone think he's doing it. as we heard in the story he has been in trouble for disciplinary issues before but he did sing the same line from the same song to the same girl apparently, but this time when he did it, he was shaking his booty, quote unquote, near her face, that was the problem in the past. >> i can see how this is a
6:39 am
reoccurring thing but the music, the kids are sponges, they hear it, repeat it. shaking the booty a whole different stratosphere. >> i'm sure you have thoughts at home. we would like to know what you think. was it right to suspend a first grader for section haul rasment who quoted the lmfao song "i'm sexy and i know it" in class. tweet me and we'll share your comments on the air. i would love to know what you think. sex, lies and campaign cash, we'll take you to north carolina for a look at the most dramatic week yet in the john edwards corruption trial. >> five one years ago today, alan shephard had the right stuff helping nasa reach the new heights. the first american to travel in space in 1961. >> pilots love to go out and kick the tires and it was sort of like reaching out and kicking the tires on the redstone, i stopped and looked at it.
6:40 am
looked back and up at this beautiful rocket, and i thought well, okay buster, let's go and get the job done. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. liftoff. >> liftoff and the clock has started. >> so amazing to see that. one of the many highlight of the space race between the u.s. and soviets. shephard would take front and center ten years later the fifth astronaut on walk on the moon as part of the apollo 14 lunar landing mission.
6:41 am
6:42 am
a candidate in ruins, 30 years in jail on the table, another dramatic week in the soap opera of the john edwards trial. colorful witnesses and testimony from some of the people closest to edwards during his second presidential run. joe johns brings us it latest from greensboro, north carolina. >> reporter: the second week of the john edwards campaign financial trial saw a parade of former staffers and associates testifying about how edwards lied again and again about his relationship with his mistress, rielle hunter. former advisor peter sherr recounting how he asked edwards whether he was sleeping with hunter who had been traveling around with edwards shooting web videos of him. he warned edwards that if he was having an affair, he should not run for president. he said edwards denied it. weeks later after finding out hunter was still traveling with
6:43 am
edwards, despite warnings, he recounted an angry conversation. he said edwards told him to back off he did not need a babysitter and he told him to go blank himself. bryan huffman a friend of rachel "bunny" mellon captivated the courtroom. he was the middle man for checks from mrs. mellon to andrew and sherry young. when asked what the 101-year-old mellon thinks about the case? she doesn't condemn affairs but you should pay for your girlfriend yourself. huffman said they didn't know what the money was for. we knew nothing about a girlfriend or baby, all she wanted to do was make a president. the last statement could have helped the prosecution persuade the jury edwards accepted illegal campaign money but happened after the jury was sent out of the room for an
6:44 am
objectioobjection the testimony helped both the prosecution and defense. >> have to show bunny mellon wrote checks. what he really did for the defense was establish that he didn't know john edwards, didn't have any connection. >> also testifying was bunny mellon's attorney, alex forger who started checking out mellon's payments after $150,000 personal check she wrote to brie a brie huffman almost bounded. the dramatic testimony came from christina reynolds, also a friend of the late elizabeth edwards. john edwards' wife. reynolds testified after an article about the affair in the national enquirer, she started tearing off her clothe while telling edwards, you don't see me anymore. cate, who had been sitting in the courtroom behind her father, got up and walked out in tears. >> that kind of drama in this case just layers on how personal the story is.
6:45 am
also think the story of ms. edwards and john edwards arguments and difficulty in their marriage supports the defense theory saying he was doing this to cover up the affair from his wife rather than keeping the campaign from moving forward. >> reporter: that is the crux of the came, whether he accepted money to couch the campaign or the campaign didn't have anything to do with it. the prosecution expects to rest the case next week. joe johns, cnn, greensboro, north carolina. thank you, joe. in convicted on all six felony counts, including conspiracy and making false statements, he could face up to 30 years in prison. more on this in the next hour. remember drew peterson, the former illinois police officer charged with murder, he has been locked away more than a year, was back in court friday for allegedly killing his third wife, kathleen savio in 2004. she was found dead in the bathtub. her death was originally ruled an accidental drowning but
6:46 am
prosecutors exhumed her body and reopened the case after peterson's fourth wife, stacy peterson, vanished in 2007. there is another twist to all this, friday's hearing comes after a controversial ruling the illinois appellate court ruled statements against peterson made by his missing and dead wives can be used in court. usually hearsay statements like these can't bentroduced at trial unless a defendant can cross-examine the person who made them. the next hearing is may 17th, no trial date has been set yet. defense secretary leon panetta has harsh words for the troops. >> the few who lack judgment, lack professionalism, lack leadership, can hurt all of us. >> we'll tell you why some troops are getting a warning from their boss. the most spectacular experiences are happening here.
6:47 am
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♪ folks are waking up in atlanta it looks like a beautiful sunrise there. dawn is breaking, lovely shot of downtown atlanta there. good morning. everyone. so is bad behavior by some u.s. troops helping u.s. troops lose the hearts and minds of
6:50 am
people in afghanistan? it seems each month there is a new scandal involving the military. now leon panetta is trying to send troops a wake-up call. barbara starr breaks it down for us. >> reporter: after a series of high profile incidents of troops misbehaving, defense secretary leon panetta went to fort benning, georgia on friday to say enough is enough. >> the few who lack judgment, lack professionalism, lack leadership can hurt all of us. >> reporter: in afghanistan alone, one scandal after another. in january, video of marines urinating on dead insurgents. in february, marine snipers posing with a flag with ss initials. riots broke out after troops burned qurans. soldiers posing with dead
6:51 am
insurgents. panetta's speech was broadcast to the entire military warning bad behavior can lead to instant international headlines. >> those headlines can impact the mission. that we're engaged in. they can put your fellow service members at risk. they can hurt morale. can damage our standing in the world. >> reporter: the investigation of a dozen service members and potential misconduct involving alcohol and prostitutes during president obama's trip to columbia brought the issue an even higher profile. >> we're embarrassed by what occurred in columbia. >> reporter: the strongest words came from james amos who cold commanders recent widely publicized incidents have brought discredit on the marine corps, he called for end to undisciplined an embarrassing conduct. the chief of staff of the army
6:52 am
weighed in calling for an end to the bad behavior and the navy, well in the last two-and-a-half years, the navy has relieved 47 commanders from duty for failing to meet professional and behavior standards. barbara starr, cnn the pentagon. during that speech, secretary panetta thanked the troops for their hard work overall and congratulated them on accomplishmens in afghanistan. spitting orangutans, hungry lions, you don't want to miss this. i love cash back.
6:53 am
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welcome back, cleveland was home to drew carey, paul newman, chosen to be the home of the rock and roll hall of fame.
6:56 am
nearly 700 people inducted, this year's class include the beastie boys and miracles, best known for the lead singer smokey robinson of course. so if you ever wonder idea zoo animals are kept behind thick glass, there is a reason. our jeanne moos has the answer. >> reporter: the new jaws. eye of the lioness at the o aror zoo. >> jack look behind you. >> reporter: thought jack was a prey item says kim smith. >> like if you had the house cat looking at birds outside the window. >> reporter: does that kid's outfit remind you of anything? jack mom's said -- >> a tasty baby see bra. >> reporter: make for popular videos. >> oh my god. >> reporter: fear less sophia or understandably freaked out boy
6:57 am
named harper. >> he can't get you through the glass. it's okay. >> reporter: kid are dangled like bait. parents give instructions. they put patty cake with paughs to music and not just lions, black leopards, grizz ellie bears. polar bears. japanese tv show dressed up a girl as a baby seal to temt a polar bear. an orangutan might spit, a gorilla can really give you a scare. maybe would you like to see things from a gorilla's point of view. those silly humans mocking, beating their chests. and often, mom and dad argue. how is this not funny? >> it's terrifying.
6:58 am
>> reporter: like in the family guy as he drew a face on the octopus. >> it's so sucky and squeezey. >> reporter: the zoo director said that won't happen wp a lion. the glass is designed to standards and even if it did, it would crack, not break. sort of like what happened when taz the gorilla charged the glass two years ago at the atlanta zoo. >> the glass held it's three opiniones of glass fused together the interior pane got a crack. >> reporter: a one, two, three. jeanne moos cnn. >> he wants to eat our baby. >> reporter: new york. i don't blame those kids for crying. thanks for starting your morning with us. more ahead which start right now. -- captions by vitac --
6:59 am
blooip. this is cnn saturday morning. >> families of the victims of the 9-11 attacks arrive in cuba as the alleged master mind is arraigned. we'll take you there. plus, president obama officially kicks off his campaign today in ohio. we'll take you there live. columbian prostitute speaks. >> they are a bunch of fools. responsible for obama's security. >> h story about what happened the night she met u.s. secret service agents. floyd maywear they are squares off against miguel cotto, we have the results of the weigh-in last night. good morning everyone i'm randi kaye, 7:00 on the east coast thanks for waking up with us, get you caught up on the news. today the man who is possibly the most notorious


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